Sunday, October 20, 2013

Classroom Jobs

Classroom Jobs!

It's ten o'clock and I am still wide awake! I know I should already be asleep what with the busy week to come and all, but I guess since I can't go to bed, I will do something productive and write a new post! I thought I would share how I do classroom jobs. First of all, my jobs are all movie themed.
I have a director, producer, agent, script deliverer, stage crew, extras, light crew, and actor.

The director is my line leader and the producer is the door  holder. The agent takes down the attendance and lunch count. The script deliverer is in charge of putting all graded papers into mailboxes. The stage crew is in charge of helping with the recess toys, taking them out and back in. The extras are my cleanup crew. At the end of the day, they can walk around picking up any scraps or pencils off of the floor. The light crew is my electrician and the actors are my pencil sharpeners. (This year the actors are actually my bathroom monitors. I didn't like the students sharpening the pencils. Now I just do it myself. It seems faster that way!)

I change out jobs weekly. Each student has their name on a popcorn piece with velcro. Half of the class gets a "break" from working for the week, while the other half of the class has a job. Every Monday morning, I call on students if it is their week to "work." I let them chose what they want their job to be for the week!  They love it when it is their week!  The jobs really help create a family environment where each student pitches in and has a sense of ownership for their job.
Here is the link to the poster I created for each
of the jobs! Grab one now!

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